Loudest Mechanical Keyboard Features: What to Look For

Imagine you’re typing a story, and with every letter you press, there’s a satisfying “click” sound. It’s like the keyboard is talking back to you, telling you that you’re doing a great job! That’s what a loudest mechanical keyboard does.

It makes typing fun and gives you a feeling that you’re really getting work done. Now, some keyboards are louder than others, and people often search for the loudest mechanical keyboard because they love that noise.

Each loud click can also help you type more accurately because you’re sure you pressed the key. It’s a bit like getting a high-five for each word you write! Plus, these keyboards are strong and can last a long time, even if you type all day.

So, whether you’re writing an essay for school or chatting with friends, a loud keyboard can make you feel more confident and help you enjoy the time you spend at your computer.


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What Makes a Keyboard Loud?

When engaging in the rhythmic act of typing on a keyboard, you might have discerned that certain keys produce a more pronounced noise than others. This auditory experience is chiefly attributed to the keyboard’s switches—minute mechanisms nestled beneath each key.

These switches serve as conduits, relaying information to your computer regarding the letters or commands you are inputting. However, not all switches are created equal; some are crafted to operate quietly, while others are intentionally designed to emanate a distinct clicking sound with each keystroke.

Clicky Switches

A prime example of a noisy switch variety is the Clicky Switch. One notable member of this family is the Cherry MX Blue switch, favored by typists who revel in the audible click it produces.

Describing the experience as akin to playing a miniature drum set with one’s fingers, the Cherry MX Blue switch guarantees a loud click each time a key is pressed.

Another raucous contender in this category is the Kailh BOX White switch, possessing similarities to the Cherry MX Blue but distinguished by a subtly different design that still results in a resounding click upon key depression.

The Appeal of Audible Feedback

Why, one might wonder, would someone actively seek out a keyboard with an audible typing experience? The answer lies in the satisfaction derived from the clicking sound, serving as immediate confirmation of a successful key press.

This can be particularly advantageous when learning to type without glancing at the keys, as the sound itself becomes an assurance of accurate input, obviating the need for visual verification.

Considerations for Quiet Environments

Nevertheless, the preference for a noisy keyboard is subjective and context-dependent. In quiet settings such as libraries or shared office spaces, a loud keyboard might prove disruptive.

In such scenarios, opting for keyboards equipped with quieter switches, such as the Cherry MX Red or Cherry MX Brown, becomes a more considerate choice.

These switches are meticulously crafted to provide a subdued typing experience while maintaining a satisfying tactile response.

The Drop ALT – A Symphony of Clicks

Picture yourself at a grand piano in a concert hall – that captivating feeling translates to typing with the Drop ALT keyboard. Crafted with a robust metal frame resembling a tank, this keyboard not only boasts durability but also elevates the auditory experience of each keystroke.

Design and Acoustic Excellence

Standing out for its acoustic prowess, the Drop ALT is meticulously engineered to amplify the click-clack resonance of its keys. Every keystroke produces a crisp and clear sound, creating an auditory delight for those who revel in the symphony of productivity.

Versatile Cable Connection

Adding to its allure is the versatile cable connection feature. Unlike conventional keyboards, the Drop ALT offers the flexibility to connect the USB-C cable on the left, right, or in the middle. This design minimizes clutter and enhances convenience on your desk, catering to a seamless user experience.

Premium Keycaps for Tactile Pleasure

The Drop ALT takes pride in its PBT keycaps, constructed from high-quality plastic that is both rugged and textured. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these keycaps provide a tactile pleasure under your fingers, transforming typing into a joyous activity.

Hot-Swappable Switch Design

For enthusiasts of customization, the Drop ALT presents a noteworthy feature – a hot-swappable switch design. This innovative capability allows users to change out switches, the components beneath the keycaps responsible for the distinctive “click” sound, without requiring specialized tools.

Whether you desire a different sound or feel, swapping switches becomes a seamless process, putting customization at your fingertips.

Personalized Typing Experience

Whether you’re immersed in essay writing, coding a new app, or engaged in casual conversations with friends, the Drop ALT ensures your typing experience is both loud and clear. It’s not just a keyboard that commands attention on your desk; it’s a source of joy, bringing a smile to your face with every key press.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Durable metal frame for longevity.
  • Engineered acoustic design for crisp keystroke sounds.
  • Versatile USB-C cable connection options for reduced desk clutter.
  • PBT keycaps for a tactile and aesthetic typing experience.
  • Hot-swappable switch design for easy customization.
  • A keyboard that combines functionality with a delightful auditory experience.

The Ducky One 2 Mini – Small but Mighty

The Ducky One 2 Mini has made a big splash in the world of keyboards, especially among those who love video games. Its compact size is perfect for gamers because it means more desk space for mouse movement.

The keys are made with top-notch materials that are durable and resistant to wear, so they won’t become shiny and slippery after lots of use. This is super important for gamers or anyone who uses their keyboard a lot.

Not only is it functional, but it’s also stylish. The Ducky One 2 Mini features a unique design that includes a customizable spacebar. This isn’t just any spacebar—it often has cool artwork or designs that really make your keyboard pop and reflect your personal style.

For those who are looking for an even more premium feel, the Ducky Mecha Mini is like the One 2 Mini’s big sibling. It’s built with a solid metal body that gives it a hefty, more luxurious feel under your fingers. Plus, the metal construction can make the keyboard more stable on your desk, which some people really like.

Both versions are known for their reliability and for having a satisfying “click” when you press the keys—not too noisy, but just enough to give you that feedback that gamers and typists love.

Whether you’re battling it out in a game or typing up a storm, the Ducky One 2 Mini and its Mecha counterpart are excellent choices that combine both form and function in a small package.


The Durgod Taurus K320 – Sturdy and Stylish

In the realm of expensive mechanical keyboards, the Durgod Taurus K320 distinguishes itself with its robust construction. Picture a small tank on your desk – that encapsulates the solid and unyielding feel of this keyboard.

Engineered to endure intensive typing sessions, the K320 exhibits no signs of flexing or bending, ensuring it stands resilient even during prolonged use.

Timeless Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetically, the Taurus K320 exudes timeless charm. The gray keycaps contribute to a sleek and professional appearance that seamlessly integrates into various setups, be it a gaming station or a home office.

Striking the perfect balance in size, it is compact enough to conserve desk space while accommodating all essential keys, fostering a comfortable and efficient typing experience across diverse tasks.

Efficient Typing Experience

One of the standout features of the Taurus K320 lies in its switch variety. Switches, the mechanisms beneath the keycaps dictating the keyboard‘s feel and sound, offer a spectrum of options.

Opt for ‘clicky’ switches for a distinctive sound with each keystroke, as if the keyboard is engaging in a conversation with you.

The versatility extends further – allowing users to choose the desired level of sound, catering to both enthusiasts of satisfying clicks and those who prefer a quieter typing experience.

Key Features

  • Durable Construction: Withstands heavy typing sessions without flexing.
  • Timeless Design: Gray keycaps for a sleek and professional look.
  • Optimal Size: Compact yet includes all essential keys for comfort and efficiency.
  • Variety of Switches: Choose from ‘clicky’ switches with customizable sound levels.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for gaming setups or home office environments.
  • Customizable Typing Experience: Tailor the keyboard to match personal preferences.

The Redragon K552 – Loud on a Budget

In the quest for a mechanical keyboard that balances performance and cost-effectiveness, the Redragon K552 emerges as a hidden gem. This budget-friendly option caters to those who crave the clickety-clack experience without breaking the bank.

Dynamic Design and Backlighting

With a sharp and angular design coupled with vibrant backlighting, the K552 not only feels great to type on but also adds flair to any desk setup.

Boasting a cool gamer aesthetic, the dynamic RGB lighting enhances the visual appeal, allowing users to choose from a spectrum of colors for both functional and fun illumination during gaming or typing sessions.

Tactile Typing Experience

The K552 is equipped with high-quality switches that offer an incredibly tactile typing experience. Each key press produces a satisfying click sound, delivering an authentic mechanical keyboard feel.

This feature makes it particularly appealing for newcomers to the mechanical keyboard realm, providing an opportunity to experience the allure without a hefty price tag.

Durable Construction

Beyond its loud feedback, the Redragon K552 prioritizes durability. Constructed with a sturdy metal frame and high-quality materials, this keyboard is built to withstand extended typing or gaming sessions.

Mounted keyboard benefits extend beyond a satisfying experience to ensure lasting investment, offering both enjoyment and durability.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Affordable Entry Point: A budget-friendly option for those entering the world of mechanical keyboards.
  • Dynamic RGB Lighting: Adds a playful touch with customizable colors for gaming or typing sessions.
  • Tactile Switches: High-quality switches provide a satisfying click sound for an authentic experience.
  • Durable Build: Tough metal frame and quality materials ensure longevity.
  • Gamer Aesthetic: Stylish design enhances desk setups with a cool gamer vibe.

Perfect for Beginners

For newcomers to mechanical keyboards, the Redragon K552 is a wise choice, offering an affordable gateway into the community.

With its distinct feel, authentic sound, impressive build quality, and captivating lighting features, this keyboard delivers a remarkable blend of quality, style, and the classic mechanical keyboard experience.

Whether you’re tackling an essay, immersing yourself in a new game, or engaging in casual conversations, the K552 stands as a reliable companion that transforms each keystroke into a joyful experience.


The Keychron K6 – The Swiss Army Knife of Keyboards

Compact Size, Maximum Functionality

  • The Keychron K6 excels in handling diverse tasks.
  • Offers a compact size without compromising essential key functions.
  • Ensures a comprehensive set of features for a space-saving solution.

Robust Build for Endurance

  • Boasts a solid metal frame for durability.
  • Designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use.
  • Ensures resilience, allowing the keyboard to endure knocks without missing a beat.

Wire-Free Wonder

  • Utilizes Bluetooth connectivity for a hassle-free experience.
  • Contributes to a clutter-free and organized desk environment.

Cross-Platform Harmony

  • Seamlessly compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • Ideal for users switching between different computers.
  • Perfect for households with a mix of PCs and Macs.

Switch Swapping for Personalization

  • Allows easy swapping of switches for customization.
  • Switches, located beneath the keys, can be exchanged to tailor tactile feel and sound.
  • Adapts to individual typing preferences, whether desiring a soft tap or a clicky clack.

The Multi-Tool of Keyboards

  • Emerges as a versatile, durable, and customizable keyboard.
  • Suited for a wide range of users, including gamers, writers, and daily-use enthusiasts.
  • Presents itself as a compelling option worth exploring for those seeking reliability and adaptability.

Choosing the Right Clicky Switch

When delving into the world of mechanical keyboards, the switch you choose plays a pivotal role in shaping your overall typing experience. Clicky switches, in particular, are renowned for their tactile feedback and distinctive sound.

Cherry MX Blue: A Classic Choice

  • The Cherry MX Blue switch is a popular choice, celebrated for its classic click.
  • Delivers a satisfying sound with each keystroke, making it a favorite among typists who appreciate auditory feedback.

Kailh BOX Switches: Double-Click Sensation

  • For those seeking a unique experience, Kailh BOX switches offer a double-click sensation.
  • Generates a click not only upon key depression but also during the key’s return to its original position.
  • Creates a rhythmic typing experience, potentially enhancing overall keyboard enjoyment.

Subjective and Personal Choice

  • The choice of switch is highly subjective and personal, focusing on what feels right under your fingers.
  • Preferences vary, with some favoring the softer sound of a different switch, while others seek the most audible click.

Try Before You Buy

  • Considering the subjective nature, it’s advisable to try out different switch types before making a final decision.
  • Many stores offer display keyboards, allowing users to get a hands-on feel for the switches before making a purchase.

Environmental Considerations

  • Factor in your environment when selecting a clicky switch.
  • In open offices or shared spaces, a quieter switch might be a more considerate choice to avoid disturbing colleagues.

Beyond Sound: Comfort and Fee

  • The right clicky switch is not solely about sound; it’s also about how it feels during use.
  • Ensure that the clicky switch provides comfort for your fingers and doesn’t induce fatigue during extended typing sessions.

Key Considerations

  • Comfort, sound, and environment are key considerations when finding the perfect clicky switch for your noisy keyboard.

How Loud is a Blue Switch?

Blue switches are renowned for their characteristic clicky sound, providing both a satisfying and audible typing experience. When a key is pressed with a blue switch, it emits a loud click noise, reminiscent of a pen being clicked.

This audible feedback is generated by a mechanism within the switch, ensuring a clear indication that the keypress has been registered. For many users, this feature enhances the typing experience, instilling confidence in the input acknowledgment.

Concert-Like Acoustics

Imagine being in a quiet room and typing on a keyboard equipped with blue switches. The sound is crisp and sharp, akin to attending a concert featuring a solo trumpet player.

Decibel Measurement

The volume produced by blue switches typically ranges between 50 to 60 decibels, comparable to the noise level of a home conversation. In shared spaces such as offices or libraries, the sound may carry and potentially disturb those nearby.

Consideration for Shared Spaces

It’s important to be mindful of your surroundings; in private spaces or among individuals tolerant of the noise, typing on a keyboard with blue switches can be an immensely enjoyable experience. The rhythmic sound of typing adds engagement, particularly beneficial for prolific typists such as writers or programmers.

Personal Preference and Work Environment

However, the noise level is a crucial factor to consider, especially in shared settings. Whether blue switches are suitable for you depends on personal preference and the nature of your work environment.

Testing and Measurement

For those curious about the exact noise level, various tools and apps are available to measure sound in decibels. If contemplating a keyboard with blue switches, it’s advisable to test it beforehand to assess the comfort of the sound level in your specific environment.

Ear for Music, Distraction for Others

Ultimately, what might be music to your ears could potentially be a distraction to someone else. Before making a decision, ensure compatibility with your personal preferences and the tolerance of those around you.

Your Setup Can Make a Keyboard Even Louder

Did you ever think that the table beneath your keyboard could alter its sound? Well, it’s true! Similar to how a drum’s sound varies based on where it’s played, keyboards are notably influenced by their immediate environment.

  • Hard and Thin vs. Thick and Soft: The type of surface matters. A metal keyboard on a slender table can generate more noise, as hard and slim materials tend to bounce sound, amplifying each keystroke. Conversely, thicker and softer surfaces absorb sound, resulting in quieter keyboard taps.

Crafting a Concert-like Experience:

If you aspire to transform your keyboard into a one-person rock concert, the choice of surface matters. Opt for a hard and echoing surface, such as a thin metal or glass table. This setup amplifies the sound, ensuring each keystroke resonates loudly and clearly.

Muffling the Sound

For those seeking a more subdued ambiance, consider a desk with a thick pad or acquire a desk mat. These additions serve to dampen sound, providing a quieter typing experience and keeping your keyboard taps low-key.

Keyboard Types Matter

  • Clicky Mechanical Keyboards: If you favor the ‘clicky’ life, pairing a mechanical keyboard with a metal frame on a solid surface turns typing into a symphony. However, be mindful of your surroundings, as this symphony might not be appreciated by everyone sharing the space.

Customization for Sound Enthusiasts

For enthusiasts of customization, delve into the world of accessories. O-rings and other gadgets can be added to your keyboard, residing beneath the keys to tweak the sound. These modifications allow for quieter keystrokes or introduce a different auditory dimension to your typing experience.

Key Considerations for Keyboard Volume

  • Surface Impact: Choose between hard, echoing surfaces for amplified sound or soft, absorbing surfaces for a quieter typing experience.
  • Desk Accessories: Opt for thick pads or desk mats to muffle keyboard taps.
  • Keyboard Types: Select keyboards designed for quiet operation or those that provide a satisfying ‘click’ with each press.
  • Symphony of Clicks: If desiring a clicky experience, pair a mechanical keyboard with a metal frame on a solid surface.
  • Customization Tools: Explore o-rings and accessories to further modify and personalize your keyboard’s sound.

The Power of Personalization

Now armed with the knowledge of how your setup influences keyboard volume, experiment with different tables and accessories. Whether aiming to be heard across the room or seeking a soft tap-tap ambiance as you work, the ability to shape your typing sound is firmly in your hands!


Find Your Perfect Click

There are so many cool loud keyboards to choose from! Whether you like the Drop ALT’s quality, the Ducky’s style, the Durgod’s sturdiness, the Redragon’s price, or the Keychron’s versatility, there’s a loud keyboard waiting for you.

And if you want to make it even louder, try out some Kailh BOX switches. Happy typing, and may your clicks always be loud and satisfying!


In conclusion, the world of mechanical keyboards offers a range of options to suit different preferences, from the satisfying clicks of Cherry MX Blue and Kailh BOX switches to stylish designs like Drop ALT, Ducky One 2 Mini, Durgod Taurus K320, Redragon K552, and Keychron K6. Find the perfect click for your unique typing style through exploration and customization. Happy typing!


What makes a mechanical keyboard loud?

Mechanical keyboards are loud due to clicky switches, like Cherry MX Blue or Kailh BOX, intentionally designed for audible clicks.

Why choose a loud keyboard?

Audible feedback confirms keypresses, enhancing typing accuracy, and providing a satisfying experience.

Quieter alternatives for shared spaces?

Yes, switches like Cherry MX Red or Brown offer a quieter yet satisfying typing experience.

Key features of the Drop ALT?

Durable metal frame, clear keystroke sounds, versatile USB-C connection, PBT keycaps, and hot-swappable switches.

Budget-friendly loud keyboard?

The Redragon K552: cost-effective, dynamic design, RGB lighting, tactile switches, and durable construction.

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